December 3, 2013

We (Jill & Karen) pursue Get About Coffee simply for the joy in it. We both work full time elsewhere, and live active and mentally stimulating lifestyles. Get About Coffee lets us indulge in our passion for this industry and product while still letting our lives and ambition take us where they may. 

For transparency's sake, we want people to know that Get About Coffee does make some profit with each sale, but our plans are to keep finding great things to do with the money. We saw this as an opportunity to reach a diverse demographic while using the skills and knowledge we have loved acquiring most. So we decided to go for it.

As we keep everything on a small scale roasting to order and not living outside our means, we are able to keep our overhead costs pretty reasonable. This is how we manage to bring you a great product, at an affordable price, while still donating money to kickass people and organizations. For this fundraiser, $2.50 from every bag of "Justice" you purchase goes straight to the Wheels of Justice. Who are they?! Only Portland Oregon's roller derby all-star team, currently ranked 4th in the world.

Caffeinate. Hydrate. Dominate.